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Kordh an Cornovii (Clan Of The Cornovii) - Kernewek TussFace Hoodie

Kordh an Cornovii (Clan Of The Cornovii) - Kernewek TussFace Hoodie

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Kordh an Cornovii (Clan Of The Cornovii) - Kernewek TussFace Hoodie.

Reclaim your Cornish Clanhood!

The Cornovii were the indigenous Celtic ancestors of the Cornish.  They were a sub-tribe or clan/sept of the Dumnonii who occupied the south-west of Britain up as far as Exeter. The Cornovvi ruled what is now known as Cornwall and the Isles of Scilly which is originally thought to have been connected via a long peninsula and is thought to have connections with the lost lands of Lyonesse.

Unlike most of Britain, the Cornovii were allies of the Vikings and shared a strong connection with the sea, and on occasion joined forces to fight the English.

Cornovvi warriors were said to bleach their hair white and wear blue war paint over their faces and bodies. 

'Cornovii' is thought to translate as 'People Of The Horn' and is suggested to originate from the fact that they followed a horned god that may be cognate with the Gaulish Cernunnos or the unnamed horned god of the Brigantes. 

Kernewek, the language of the Cornovii was spoken until it began to decline in the 16th and 17th Centuries. This was mainly due to the English Reformation which began to suppress the Cornish language. The Church along with Edward VI banned traditional religious processions and pilgrimages, desecrated religious shrines and even banned translations of Christian prayer books etc into Kernewek(Cornish), decreeing that English was the language of the church.

This, along with the economic conditions forced upon the Cornish (nothing's changed there!) and heavy taxes on the poor, led to the Prayer Book Rebellion of 1549 which ended badly for the Cornish with 4000 people dying and Cornish rebels being executed throughout the country, including 28 Cornishmen executed at Launceston Castle and Martin Geoffrey who had his head impaled on a staff and erected on London Bridge as an example to the 'Cornish Traitors'.

Designed in Cornwall by a true tin-blood Cornish artist.

An exclusive TussFace design.  Inspired by Cornwall, old school skate and surf wear, art toys, street art and Japan amongst others.

PeTA approved

AWDis College Hoodie vegan-friendly hoodie.

WRAP accredited production.

SEDEX (Sustainable supply chain solutions).

Eco-friendly print to order.  No waste.

Material: 80% ringspun cotton/20% polyester.

  • Drop shoulder style.
  • Soft cotton faced fabric.
  • Double fabric hood with self colour drawcord.
  • Front pouch pocket with small hidden opening for ear phone cord feed.
  • Ribbed cuffs and hem.
  • Twin needle stitching.
  • WRAP Certified Production.

Weight: 280 gsm

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